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Husband Sends Her Out to Be a Slut

Monday, May 17th, 2010

Derek is sending his wife Viki to Dirty D to finally get to watch her be a slut with another man. Viki tells Dirty D that Derek sent her out to be a slut before to have her come back and tell him all about it. Now Derek wants to see Viki taking another mans cock inside her. Dirty D is always ready to turn out another mans wife. Dirty D lifts Vikis dress to find she is not wearing any panties like a good slut wife. Dirty D gets Viki naked and on her knees sucking his dick. After Dirty D has sampled Vikis oral skills he has her ride his cock. Dirty D bends Viki over on the couch and rams her pussy from behind. Next Dirty D puts Viki spread eagle sideways on the couch so he can shove his dick deep in her hot wet pussy. Dirty D continues banging Vikis wet snatch until he blows his hot load all over her pretty face. Dirty D sends Viki home to her husband a sticky mess.

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Madame Tells About Being Busted with a Politician

Friday, May 14th, 2010

Miss Kitty had a rough start in life. She shares the memories of how her butt always hurt after sitting on Grandpas lap and about her best friends creepy step dad. She shares some shocking stories like the airline pilot that got strung out with her before his flights. Miss Kitty was at the top of her game when she was Madame to a ring of Hood Rats. Miss Kitty became a famous hood rat by making the news when she was Busted with a Politician.

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Whore Sharing Sick Stories of Her Fucked Up Family

Friday, May 14th, 2010

Jay gives Rotten Ralph a tour of her total shit hole pad. She shows Ralph the urn with her dead dogs ashes. Rotten Ralph tells her that it looks like a tornado hit her room. Jay has shit every where even in the shower. Jay tells Ralph about her abusive junkie family and how she shares her stash with them. Rotten Ralph has been with Jays mom before and Jay tells him about how she used turned tricks with her mom. Listen as Jay shares all of the dysfunctional stories from her fucked up life. Jay shows Rotten Ralph the neck job Jays says she invented before she blows his cock.

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Ball Busting Street Hooker Tells All and Sucks Dick

Thursday, May 6th, 2010

Melissa is a hardened street walking hooker. She has become a bit of a dominatrix for some of her johns. She tells how one guy gets hard from her kicking him square in the balls. Melissa has another guy that she makes crawl around on the floor and clean her apartment. When he touches her she beats him. Melissa also shares some of her street wise legal advice. Cracker Jack is not down with the CBT Cock and Ball Torture. So he has Melissa give him a blowjob making her work for the nut. Its a hard knock life.

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Prostitute Tells About Being Busted and Prison Sex

Wednesday, May 5th, 2010

Bonnie is crazy street walking prostitute. Listen as she shares her story of how she got busted for possession and went to prison. While in there she had wild prison sex with the girls fucking each other with hair brushes and shit. Rotten Ralph asks Bonnie what is the craziest shit you have ever put in your pussy? Bonnie says Nunchucks because I put one in my ass and one in my pussy. Bonnie talks about how she has been stiffed by a john that did not pay her for a blowjob. She says that is when she really felt like a whore. Watch as Bonnie blows Rotten Ralph right in his car catching his hot cum load in her eager open mouth.

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