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Busty Whacked Out Street Walking Hooker Telling All

Thursday, December 29th, 2011

Vanna is a busty hooker that has been working the streets for about 15 years. She is one whacked out bitch. Vanna will do anything to get high. She defines the term chickenhead. Vanna is no stranger to jail. Vanna says she will get locked up on purpose when she has no place to stay. Vanna tells about how she was so wasted the other night she was seeing colors and flashes of light that she thought was UFOs. Rotten Ralph has Vanna bust out her big round tits before she blows him. Rotten Ralph likes Vanna so he decides to bare back her wet fuck hole before feeding her a hot load of cum.

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Serial Killer Slut Sister Ginas Crack Whore Confession

Wednesday, December 28th, 2011

Ginas claim to fame is being the sister of an infamous serial killer featured on Americas Most Wanted and captured. In fact all five of her brothers are currently in jail. Her path of destruction began by sleeping with her sister. When asked if she and her sister had screwed their five brothers too she replied Not willingly After smoking the rock for only a month Gina started turning tricks on the street. She is now a full fledged crack whore.

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A Professional Crack Hoe Shares Her Sick Stories

Tuesday, December 27th, 2011

Cracker Jack ran across a blast from his past Linda. Cracker Jack was the first John this whore every had. Now she is a newbie no more this street walker has gone pro. Hear as she tells tales of guys so desperate for sex when they have no money they offer her jewelry as collateral. Also about cheap guys that offer up 5 or 10 bucks. This hoe tells those losers Take that and use it to wipe your ass. Linda also shares how she just took on an 11 inch cock for the first time.

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Street Hooker Hooked On Smack Sucking Down Dick

Monday, December 26th, 2011

Danielle is addicted to a buffet of shit she loves it all. Danielle is a hardened street slut. Danielle is so notorious that she even has the po po coming to her for blowjobs and more. She takes pride in her work stating When you gag on a dick you know you are doing it right. Cracker Jack gets Danielle to swallow his load so she walked away with 20 dollars and a Hot Lunch.

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Hooker Tells About Loving the High of Crack

Saturday, December 24th, 2011

Laura has been on a week long party binge and she can barely keep her eyes open. She has 7 hard years invested in her high dollar habit. The way of the street has fucked up her life. This lead to family strife her way into financial ruin. She turned to a life of hooking on the streets for fast cash. Listen as Laura tells all the dirty tales of her street walking life.

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The Morning After Party Girl Keeps On Giving

Friday, December 23rd, 2011

We woke up to this bitch yellin at us wanting to know what the fuck all of us was up in her bed. Truth is we didnt know how the fuck we was all up in this bitches bed and we was all naked to. We was partying the night before and someone must have drugged us and shit. The bitch remembered that we was partying and shit the night before and was mad cuz she couldnt remember fuckin us so she wanted to fuck us again while she was straight so she could remember the experience and shit of having all our black dicks at the same time. Shit that was alright with us we didnt have nowhere to be anyways and we was all already naked and shit so we went ahead and pulled a train on her all over again. We laid the bitch back on the bed andshoved our dicks in her mouth one at a time and shit. She was a dirty little whore for sure and she couldnt get enough of our black dick. My boy laid back on the bed and she climbed up on top of his dick and rode hm while she was still suckin on our dicks. This bitch was suckin and fuckin all of us and she was moanin and screamin more. She had me stick my finger in her ass while she was getting fucked good and hard. She told us she wanted us to call her nasty White Girl and we was like ok. This bitch wanted dick up in her ass too so we obliged her on that as well. This little nasty slut was fuckin us all real good. She loved it when we talked dirty to her and told her what to do. Then she had us slap her ass while we was fuckin her too. Her asshole was fuckin tight as all hell and I got all up in that ass nice and deep. We was breakin this nasty white bitch in half. This bitch even got nastier when she said she wanted to taste our dicks right after they came out of her ass. Goddamn this was one freaky white whore for sure. We face fucked the shit out of her one at a time and then we all shot loads of cum into her mouth and shit. This white slut swallowed every drop of our cum and I think she gonna need to get her stomach pumped or some shit with all the cum she swallowed. This is one bitch we will definitely be callin for the hook up next time we want some rough sex with a nasty ass white ho.

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The Anonymous Politician Wife

Tuesday, December 20th, 2011

Jane Doe is a Politicians Wife Dirty D was contacted by the Politician and told that his wife was not satisfying his needs anymore. He setup a training session for her with Dirty D on the condition that they MUST remain completely anonymous. Watch Dirty D and his boys train Jane Doe how to utilize all of her holes to please a man. Through her training this milk toast Mom is transformed in to a full fledged Slut Wife.

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Amber Basketball Groupie Gang Bang

Saturday, December 17th, 2011

This Swedish bitch Gretchen called us up to come do some lawn work for her and shit. She said she needed the work done fast cuz she had some people comin over and shit. She told us to get to work so me and the homies went around back to get started and we decided we needed to take a break first cuz it was hot as shit that day. She came out and started trippin cuz we were not doin no work and shit so we told the bitch we needed some food and water before we get started. I went with the bitch and told her that if she got my dick hard and shit I would make sure her lawn got taken care of. Well the bitch must have a thing for black dick cuz her white ass was on her knees suckin my cock like there was no tomorrow and shit. I had the bitch gagging on my cock. After a couple minutes and shit the other homies came up in the house and shit and were like hell no. they walked right up took their dicks out and she sucked off each of us. This was turning out to be one hell of a landscaping job and I was about ready to do some fuckin. I laid the bitch back and slid my dick right up in her pink pussy. I fucked the shit out of her and then switched it up so the other homies could get some of her tight ass pussy before it got all tore up. We pulled a train on this Swedish bitch and we beat the fuck out of her pussy for a bit. Then we stuck our dicks all up in her ass and then even double penetrated her. We even got the bitch air tight. This Swedish slut got a hell of a lot more than just her grass cut that day cuz we left her with a face covered in cum and shit and actually we never even cut the bitches grass.

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Two Street Walking Hookers Sharing Dick

Thursday, December 15th, 2011

Cracker Jack struck gold when he found this pair of skanky Whores. The Momma street walker has taken the younger slut under her wing to teach her the ways of a Hood Rat. Listen as the elder street whore shows how her jaw pops from being kicked down the stairs. This Whore has seen it all from living in abandoned buildings to getting ravaged by family members.

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Girl Vacationing from Prague Interracial Gang Bang

Wednesday, December 14th, 2011

Me and my crew met dis hot white bitch Angela on vacation from Prague at da store. She said she likes black guys so we took her back to our crib to give her some tube steak. My boy busts out his dick and she is shy for a minute then she goes right to sucking. Then another one of my bros jumps in and starts tagging her tight shaved snatch. Dis bitch is getting dick stiffed in her from both ends. Next thing ya know my bro is jamming his dick in her ass. Dis bitch loves dat shit. Me and all of my boyz pass Angela around getting a piece of every hole. After we are done using dis bitch me and my bros all bust a nut in her mouth and on her face.

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