Banging The Lawn Crew

This Swedish bitch Gretchen called us up to come do some lawn work for her and shit. She said she needed the work done fast cuz she had some people comin over and shit. She told us to get to work so me and the homies went around back to get started and we decided we needed to take a break first cuz it was hot as shit that day. She came out and started trippin cuz we were not doin no work and shit so we told the bitch we needed some food and water before we get started. I went with the bitch and told her that if she got my dick hard and shit I would make sure her lawn got taken care of. Well the bitch must have a thing for black dick cuz her white ass was on her knees suckin my cock like there was no tomorrow and shit. I had the bitch gagging on my cock. After a couple minutes and shit the other homies came up in the house and shit and were like hell no. they walked right up took their dicks out and she sucked off each of us. This was turning out to be one hell of a landscaping job and I was about ready to do some fuckin. I laid the bitch back and slid my dick right up in her pink pussy. I fucked the shit out of her and then switched it up so the other homies could get some of her tight ass pussy before it got all tore up. We pulled a train on this Swedish bitch and we beat the fuck out of her pussy for a bit. Then we stuck our dicks all up in her ass and then even double penetrated her. We even got the bitch air tight. This Swedish slut got a hell of a lot more than just her grass cut that day cuz we left her with a face covered in cum and shit and actually we never even cut the bitches grass.

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