The Girl Next Door Getting Milk and Nuts for Mom

We was all chillin on the steps out behind the crib and shit drinkin some 40s and shootin the shit about some hos and shit we had been fuckin wit. This fine ass little white bitch came walkin by and you know we had to get some info on this ho. White bitch up in the ghetto and shit oh hell yeah me and da crew gots to get the 411 on this bitch and see whats up. She was all scared and shit seein all us brothas so we tried to make her feel comfortable and offered her a drink and shit. She said she was to young to drink so we told her it was apple juice and shit. We found out the bitch was only 18 and she was on her way to the store and shit to get some nuts and milk for her moms and shit. I told the bitch I had some milk and nuts up in the crib and shit and told her she could get some from me so she could save some money and shit so she came up in the crib wit us to get the groceries for her moms but we had some other nuts to give her first. She asked for the food and I straight up took out my dick and put it right in the bitches face she started to trip but then I told her to taste the shit and she wrapped her mouth around my dick and started to suck on it. Hell yeah we knew it was time to pull a train on this white ho for sure. She took turns suckin on our dicks and shit and then we got her out of her clothed and shit. This bitch had some fine ass titties and shaved little pink pussy that I just had to get up inside of for sure. This little bitch was actin a hell of a lot more innocent when we met her than she actually turned out to be. This bitch knew how to work a dick and we could tell this bitch has been ridden plenty of times before. This hot little white slut laid back and spread her legs apart and pulled my homey right up in to her pussy and shit and then she grabbed my dick and shoved it into her mouth. We all took turns tearin that pussy up and shit and she got flipped into all kinds of positions and shit. She was takin our big black dicks deep and shit and the bitch even took it right up the ass. This white freaky slut loved our black dicks for sure. This bitch took my dick in her ass pulled the shit out and sucked my shit. This bitch just did not give a fuck and shit as long as we kept a dick up in her pussy and one in her motherfuckin mouth she was happy. We ended up blasting this bitch in the face one at a time and shit and she ate as much of our cum as she could fuckin swallow. This is one white bitch that can stop by the crib anytime she needs some nuts for her moms.

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